RIM: The smartphone is dead, long live the tablet


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2011 is set to be a big year for tablet devices, but could tablets replace smartphones as the number one mobile device? Stephen Bates, RIM’s UK MD, seems to think so.

Speaking this morning at a seminar in London Bates said the following, according to Tech-Radar:

“We’re all now used to having smartphones and the instantaneous appeal of social interaction, but now we’re looking for more from our devices – more media and more consumption.”

He added, “”Demand is being met by smartphones for now, but the form factor isn’t ideal.

“We’re going to see a change in behaviour; the tablet is going to come in as a media device and we’re going to see the smartphone drifting back to pure communications.”

Really, Mr. Bates?

So, in a nutshell, this is how RIM sees the future: Phones for social networking, texting and calling and tablets for media, video, books and web browsing.

However, there is an alternative – you could just get a phone, like the Galaxy S II or the Motorola Atrix, that does it all. Simple.

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