Real Football 2009 on sale for 59p


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Gameloft’s Real Football 2009 for iPhone has had its price slashed to the rock bottom rate of 59p.

It’s a 3D football game that’s already won a handful of accolades, and that was when it was selling for several times its current price. Like a mobile version of Fifa or Pro Evolution Soccer, you get to play the game yourself, taking on the role of the players rather than managing the team’s finances or worrying too much about transfers and six-figure salaries.

With prices dropping all over the Gameloft section of the App Store, you’d be mad not to snap at least some of them up. Recently, we noted that Let’s Golf and Hero of Sparta had been given the 59p treatment too. Let’s Golf skyrocketed up to the top spot on the App Store’s paid-for chart, and has since had its price increased to the still bargain-tastic £1.19.

The moral of the story? Jump on these bargains while they last, iPhone gamers. As one of the best sports games on the App Store, Real Football gets a vigorous nod of approval from us.

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