Palm Pre 2 details surface


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Details of the upcoming Pre 2, from Palm, have been inadvertently leaked onto the website of French carrier SFR.

The imaginatively titled Pre 2 is set to include a 1GHz ARM Cortex processor, 512MB RAM and version 2.0 of HP/Palm’s highly regarded WebOS, which will include push email support, quicker booting and a much snappier user experience.

No investment has been made in design it would seem, as the Pre 2 is virtually indestinguishable from its predecessor, though it supposedly has a flatter screen. We can only hope the similarities don’t extend to the cheese-grater sharp plastic body of the original.

There’s been no confirmation of pricing or release date as yet, but we are expecting a late 2010, early 2011 release judging by O2’s recent decision to remove the Pre Plus from its range.


Via Pre Central.

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