O2 offers free tethering to customers


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O2 has launched a new range of tariffs, all including free tethering, albeit with a bolt on.

The majority of the tariffs offer unlimited free texts, but you can choose from different amount of free minutes. Those on offer include 300, 600, 900, 1200 and Unlimited minutes. You can also opt to have fewer minutes, but with this, you’ll also have a limited amount of texts.

On top of this, you can choose an internet bolt on to ensure you have enough data. The Basics plan will set you back £3 per month with 100MB included, The All Rounder bolt on is £6 extra a month for 500MB, while The Works addition will give you 1GB data for £10 a month.

All the data bolt ons include free tethering, so you can connect your phone to your computer and use the internet on your PC while you’re out and about. This is especially useful if you’ve just bought an iPhone 4 and updated the firmware to include Mobile Hotspot for sharing your data connection.

Tethering can be used with the iPhone and Android device running on 2.2 or above, although it would seem only those starting a new contract can benefit from the internet bolt on with free tethering.

To take advantage of the new tariffs, you’ll ned to:

  • Pick your handset (or choose to keep your old one) and contract length
  • Pick your minutes and text allowance
  • Choose how much data (web on your phone) you want to use

Existing customers will be able to sign up for shorter periods of time too. Any upgrade customers can opt in to a 12-month tariff rather than waiting for 24 months to upgrade.

The 12-month tariffs are priced the same as the 18-month price plans for new customers, which incidentally is more expensive than a 24-month deal.

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