Nokia’s new Prism shows cutting edge


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Nokia has added a glamorous new model to its eye-catching Prism range in the angular shape of the Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism.

The 7900, designed in collaboration with French designer Frédérique Daubal, features the same triangular keys debuted on the 7500 Prism, but inside and out the 7900 is very different to its stablemate.

First there’s the centre selection key, which is a stunning diamond-shaped crystal. Then there’s the promise that every Crystal Prism is unique, thanks to diamond-cut designs on the sides and back of the phone. Add to that the ability to change the colour of the light under the keypad by choosing
from among 49 different colours and a range of organic art wallpapers and Crystal Prism owners will be able to claim a truly personalised mobile.

Under the sleek shell, the 7900 marks a significant upgrade from the 7500. The camera is still a 2-megapixel unit, but the Crystal Prism has 3G connectivity, and 1GB of internal memory rather than the 30MB of the old model. The 7900 also comes with a matching designer headset.

Naturally, style costs, and the Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism will be available from the middle of February for an estimated retail price of £280 through the Nokia Online
Shop at www.nokia.co.uk/shop.

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