Nokia N8 camera phone used by world renowned photographer


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The Nokia N8 has once again proved why it is known as one of the top camera phones on the market.

Aerial photographer Jason Hawkes was commissioned to capture shots of some of Britain’s beauty spots while flying across Britain, which he did on the Nokia N8.

The images look as though they were produced on the DSLR.

He swapped his camera bag for the Nokia N8, the aerial specialist took to the skies in a helicopter to take pictures across the country, including Hampshire, Isle of White, Devon, Cornwall, and London.

The Eden project, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and Dorset’s Chesil Beach which were made famous by Ian McEwan’s novel were other places that Hawkes’ had his eye on in the HD Horizons project, which lasted between two and three weeks.

The photographer, who has shot around the globe and produced some 40 books, said on his website “my camera bag now fits in my pocket”, adding: “My main attraction to this project was they always say the best camera you have is the camera you have on you all the time.

I don’t normally carry around my kit, it is very big and bulky, but I always carry around a phone, and this phone happens to have a 12-meg camera on the back of it, which is amazing.

On the way here this morning, I saw one of the campaigns out at the minute that’s shot on the N8, and it’s blown up to a 78-sheet poster which is just enormous, and it just looks absolutely spectacular.

By its very nature, aerial photography is difficult to do so we are pushing the limits of this camera as far as we can go, so that is why I am really excited to be working on it.

The main challenge to me is that it’s a relatively wide angle lens.

28mm, because of that you have to think about rally big locations around Britain.”

Nokia’s phones are known for their good cameras, and the stunning 12-megapixel camera on the Nokia N8 is arguably the best of them all.

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