Nokia N8: a look inside


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The Nokia N8 hasn’t even been officially release yet, but that hasn’t stopped the iFixit crew getting hold of one and breaking it into pieces to reveal it’s inner guts.

Apparently, the Nokia N8 is one tough mother though. According to iFixit, “the N8’s frame uses more metal than most phones, giving it a rugged feel. In fact, this is the beefiest phone we’ve taken apart all year.”

However, that’s not all they uncovered during their autopsy of the Nokia N8, the device’s Xenon Flash is said to be powered by a “large capacitor” similar to that found in full-size cameras – that’ll explain it’s blinding power then!

Interestingly, the N8 also uses the same touch screen controller as the BlackBerry Torch 9800, according to iFixit.

The battery, although non-removable, isn’t soldered in place either, so technically speaking it could be a removable one.

The N8’s AMOLED screen is also easily replaced as well, apparently, which is always good – especially for the more accident-prone.

For this reason, the iFixit boys gave the Nokia N8 8 out of 10 as you could quite easily fix a faulty battery or a knackered screen.

Fancy some more tech-porn? Why not head over to iFixit by clicking here for the full breakdown.

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