Nokia Comes With Music DRM-free


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A Nokia executive has revealed that the Finnish company is in talks with partners to offer Comes With Music downloads sans the encumbering DRM-measures.

Encouraging comments from the Nokia exec, but hardly definitive. Thankfully, Pocket-Lint.com was able to get a little more out of the company.

“Nokia is committed to going DRM free on the Nokia Music Store in 2009”, said the Nokia spokesperson.

The current restrictions on the music only allow one copy on the handset and one copy on a PC, although Nokia argues that “even with the DRM in place, it continues to have great appeal to our consumers”. Nevertheless, we’re fairly sure that most people will be happy to hear that their music should be DRM before the start of 2010.

The move is probably in a bid to increase take-up of the Comes With Music service here in the UK which recently saw criticism for it’s slow start.

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