Nokia 9, Nokia 8 (2018) & Nokia 6 (2018): LEAKED, Listed & Tipped For January 2018 Launch


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The Nokia 9 and Nokia 6 (2018) have both popped up in certification documents in China, strongly hinting at a January launch for the two new Android phones.

This news, together with a broadening pool of leaks and tips regarding Nokia/HMD’s 2018 plans, would appear to confirm that not only will HMD finally launch the Nokia 9 in early 2018, but the entire 2017 Nokia Android line-up will seemingly get a reboot for then new year too, or at least, a large chunk of them.

So far, most of the leaked details suggest that all the new models will be rocking the ever trendy 18:9 aspect ratio display panels. We know the Nokia 9 will be much like the Nokia 8 with a big 18:9 display and waterproofing, however, there is also a Nokia 8 (2018) on the way as spotted in multiple leaks, which would also appear to have an 18:9 display as well (thought we’re not clear on if other 2018 re-boots including the Nokia 8 will have the Nokia 9’s waterproofing feature). Some of this seems a little strange to us as there’s a lot of scope for cannibalisation here.

Anyway, the freshly spotted certification documents list a TA-1054, which is thought to be the Nokia 6 (2018), and another phone listed as the TA-1042, which may or may not be the Nokia 9. The Nokia 9 has also been listed as the TA-1005 and TA-1009, but it is possible we’re looking at multiple regional variants and different capabilities, such as different network calibration or dual-SIM functions.

Nokia has an event lined up for January 19, and it’s suspected it may launch the Nokia 9, as well as one or more Nokia 2018 re-boots – the Nokia 8 (2018) has been tipped for this previously. It’s worth noting the current Nokia 6 launched on January 19 2017.

The Nokia 6 (2018) was also spotted in Chinese TENAA listings, including images and specs, both of which show an 18:9 display and a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. It has a single sensor camera too.



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