Nokia 8 Pro AMAZING Penta-Lens Camera Revealed

A while back we heard a rumour that the Nokia 9 was launching either in December 2017 or January 2018 – that turned out not to be true, as the handset is still in hiding – however, it was rumoured to be launching alongside a revamped Nokia 8. Since then we’ve not heard much more about this alleged “Nokia 8 2018” model. Until now.

According to a report from Nokia Power User, HMD Global is readying to launch a so-called Nokia 8 Pro. It’ll have a big emphasis on the camera, which will feature and all-new setup, and it’ll use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor – an upgrade from the previous Nokia 8’s chip.

All great news, as we were previously left wondering whether the new Nokia 8 would be much of an upgrade at all.

The report goes on to add that the Nokia 8 Pro will in fact be the final name of a previously leaked and rumoured “Nokia 10”, which features a unique “penta-lens” camera and, like the Nokia 9, will apparently have an edge-to-edge 18:9 aspect ratio display, as well as a fingerprint scanner on the rear, below the camera array.

NPU has a mocked-up render of what the phone may look like, as well as a schematic comparison from Baidu, which shows how the Nokia 8 Pro rear panel will compare to the Nokia 9, interestingly the Nokia 8 Pro appears larger than the Nokia 9, which in turn is thought to be bigger than the current Nokia 8.



The report also seems to clarify that we shouldn’t be waiting around for an first half of the year release. Whether or not we see the Nokia 9 sooner remains to be seen, but the Nokia 8 Pro is reportedly aiming for around September or August 2018, though that is the release bracket, it may be announced a little earlier than this, perhaps in the tail end of Summer.

The penta-lens camera reportedly allows for a rotating zoom mechanism from Carl Zeiss, meaning the whole imaging array will likely be Zeiss branded once more. This sounds like a mechanical optical zoom, which will be interesting to say the least and would certainly put Nokia back at the forefront of smartphone camera innovation.

Michael Grothaus

Michael Grothaus is an American author and journalist with a flair for exploring the intersection of technology, creativity, and digital culture. With a background in film, journalism, and creative writing, he brings a unique perspective to the world of mobile technology. His work has been featured in renowned publications like Fast Company, The Guardian, and Engadget. At KnowYourMobile, Michael leverages his extensive knowledge to guide readers through the complexities of mobile devices, helping them make informed choices in the fast-paced tech landscape.

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