Nokia 6500 classic camera samples


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The Nokia 6500 classic has a 2.0-megapixel camera on the back panel with an LED flash. The camera can shoot images capable of being printed to a decent quality as standard 6×4 prints.

The Nokia 6500 classic can also capture video, at low resolution 176×144 pixels. Unusually for a 3G-enabled candybar mobile, there’s no secondary camera on the front for video calling.

The Nokia 6500 classic’s camera is a fairly limited 2.0-megapixel shooter, with few camera controls to adjust shooting settings. There’s no dedicated camera button on this model, unlike on many cameraphones, although it is easy to get to the camera quickly using shortcuts on its Active Standby screen.

There are five white balance settings – auto, daylight, tungsten, fluorescent and horizon – and you can set the flash to on, off or automatic. A self-timer is included too.

The image quality produced by the Nokia 6500 classic can be good, particularly when lighting conditions are bright outdoors. The fixed focus lens has its limitations, though and some images can appear soft. You can reasonably close for shooting in focus, but with no macro mode, you can’t really get detailed in-focus shots close to the lens.

The automatic white balance can struggle sometimes in variable lighting conditions, too, but the 6500 classic is capable of taking good shots for a 2.0-megapixel camera in decent light.

Various novelty pre-shooting effects can be added if you want to be creative, including negative. sepia, greyscale, solarise and false colours.

Post shooting, you can adjust contrast and do some basic editing, such as adding text, frames, images or clip-art, and you can crop images before re-saving.

Video shooting is a pretty basic experience on the Nokia 6500 classic, with the low resolution images captured by the camera poor when played back on a PC screen.

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