Nokia 5200 first impressions


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Anybody remember Nokia’s 5700 Xpress Music? We blogged it not too long ago. It is, not surprisingly given its name, a mobile aimed primarily at music lovers. Well, the 5200 is a similar sort of thing, though at £99 direct from Nokia’s online store it is considerably less expensive than the £224 5700 Xpress Music. Oh, and it doesn’t have the ‘Xpress Music’ part to its name.

Nor does the 5200 have a swively number pad that brings music controls to the front when they are required. Instead, this mobile has a slider mechanism that keeps the number pad hidden away till you need it, and a button on its side for music playback.

This button is built into the phone’s design, which is very like that of the 5700 Xpress Music, being mostly white with two bars of red to the left and right of the screen. It is the left bar, not so subtly marked with a musical note, which can be used to call up a musical application. You have a choice between music player and FM radio – you select which you prefer the first time you use the button.

Once music is playing the same button will do a quick pause and play, which is handy. The phone’s navigation button performs the usual tasks of moving back and forward between tracks once you have opened the music player software, but the side button can be used at any time.

There are volume controllers on the right edge of the phone, and also located here is the button for using the phone’s camera. The volume buttons double to access the 4x digital zoom. Now, as to the camera, it shoots at a maximum resolution of 640×480. This is positively low grade by today’s standards. It is only for shooting stuff you want to keep on the phone and MMS, we’d say.

Many of the specs are a bit low level, actually. The 1.8 inch screen is 128×160 pixels. There is just 5MB of internal memory – though this is saved by a microSD card slot on the left edge of the casing, which you can get at if you remove the battery cover.

There’s no doubting this is a distinctive looking mobile phone, and the music controlling side button does its job well. But that is a highlight amid what is otherwise a fairly humdrum set of features.

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