Nokia 2 NOW AVAILABLE Via Amazon For Just $99


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Interested in picking up Nokia’s cheapest Android phone? Well, you’re in luck, as the Nokia 2 is now available to buy via Amazon for just $99.

The handset, which launched in India a few weeks back, is just one of HMD’s many Android-powered Nokia phones. Though this handset, given its price, is definitely one that will get a lot of love.

The Nokia 2 WILL NOT give the iPhone X or Galaxy S8 any trouble, but it is definitely a great option for anybody that wants a solid, basic Android phone for not much money at all.

The Nokia 2 features the following specs:

  • 5in HD display 
  • Snapdragon 212 SoC 
  • 1GB of RAM 
  • 8GB of Storage 
  • 128GB SD-support 
  • 8MP Camera 
  • 5MP Front-Facing Camera 
  • HUGE 4100mAh battery

The big USP of this handset, besides its price, is its battery performance. Nokia says you’ll get around two day’s worth of use between recharges, which, in this day and age, is more or less unprecedented.

Nokia made its name with feature phones, phones like the Nokia 3310, and the Nokia 2 is an attempt to merge that world – value for money, exceptional battery life – with modern smartphone technology and Google’s Android OS.

As I said above, the Nokia 2 is not a flagship phone, nor is it designed to take on the likes of the OnePlus 5T or LG V30, but for a super-cheap Android phone with AMAZING battery life, it’s kind of hard to love what HMD has done with this handset.

I mean, you could buy 10 of them for the price of the iPhone X!

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