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It goes without saying that phones built around Google’s Android platform rely heavily on accessing the Internet. It’s the modus operandi of the device – always connected, always online and always up-to-date.

However, as great as this omnipresent connectivity is, it comes at a cost. Unlike its domestic counterpart, mobile Internet comes with a hefty price tag – for the time being, at least.

While most Android users are likely to have some kind of unlimited data package with their network supplier, it’s common knowledge that ‘unlimited’ rarely means what you think it does – most operators will have a fair usage policy, or even a discreet cap on the amount of data you can sift through in a single monthly billing cycle.

Clearly keeping track of the amount of information you’re eating through is a good idea, and that’s why Network Traffic Counter has been devised.

This ingenious little app tracks the amount of data you’ve accessed whilst online. It boots automatically whenever you turn on – or restart – your phone and in its default form breaks down your net usage into four categories: Total, Monthly, Weekly and Daily. Tapping a category reveals a more detailed breakdown of your activity, listing the amount of data you’ve both received and sent.

These counters can be reset manually at will, or you can select a certain date you’d like them to automatically start over from.

Naturally such an application is invaluable for tracking your net use, but you can also configure it to alert you when you go over a predetermined amount of data. You can set the limit in anything from single bytes to terabytes, and once you cross that figure you’ll trigger the alarm. This is an extremely useful feature to have if you’re concerned about going over any allowance your network provider might have stipulated.

It’s even possible to export information regarding your data usage to your SD card in CVS format, which is great if you’re keen to keep a record of how much you hit the internet on your phone.

The app’s watchful eye isn’t solely focused on your 3G/EDGE network activity, though – it will even calculate the amount of data you’ve accessed via WiFi as well.

The version we reviewed is technically at the beta stage (the app is shown as v0.9), but to be honest it’s hard to see how the developer can make this any more effective; it’s already packed with features and performs its function brilliantly.

If you’re constantly fretting over your monthly Internet allowance then this is definitely worth a download. In summary, Network Traffic Counter is an effortless way of ensuring you don’t get stung by your provider for hogging the mobile information superhighway.


Network Traffic Counter info

Ease of use:[[{“type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”thumbnail_60x60″,”fid”:”21621″,”attributes”:{“alt”:””,”class”:”media-image”,”height”:”60″,”width”:”60″}}]]

Platform: Google Android

Price: Free

Version: 0.9

Developer: Cyril Jaquier

Website/Demo: The developer website

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