Multiplayer word-puzzler Kalimat released on App Store


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Developer AppsArabia has announced Kalimat, a word-based puzzle game, is now available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

With eye-candy 3D visuals vying to get your attention, games like Kalimat need to differentiate to get people’s attention. In this case, it’s online multiplayer that seperates it from the pack.

Like with Scrabble and other variations, the idea is to create words using the letters you have. The longer, more verbose you are in your wordplay, the better score you are rewarded with.

Whilst that in itself is nothing to write home about, the multiplayer and social aspect is certainly worth a mention. You can take on players from around the world in cerebral head-to-heads. Simply challenge a friend from your contacts list, go against a random opponent, or pass and play the device for offline gaming.

When connected to the internet you can look up definitions of words to see if they exist and to check out what they mean. Although the game won’t let you cheat – so there is no real need to verify a word actually exists – there’s no harm in broadening your English horizons.

To bolster the package there are two game modes and a chat function. The latter enables you to just catch-up with a friend or try to put randoms off their game with tactical taunts. Usefully this feature works when not using the app – a notification pops up when you receive a new message.

Throw in OpenFeint achievements and leaderboards and you have the recipe for an alternative to your newspaper’s puzzle section.

Kalimat is available now for £1.79.

The next update, which has already been submitted, will include AppBoy integration – a way of checking-in and earning yet more achievements when playing the game.

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