Motorola Morrison leaks online


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Images of the Motorola Morrison, an Android, Qwerty-equipped device are now circulating on the internet.

We first heard about the device courtesy of TMOToday.com’s leaked T-Mobile USA Android roadmap, but we’ve yet to see a snap of the phone in the wild.

The picture in question surfaced on a blog called MiniSuit over on Blogspot.com, and if accurate, would seem to place the handset aiming squarely at the younger end of the market, particularly with its seemingly small and unrefined keyboard.

If this is the case it’s a smart move; Motorola doesn’t carry the requisite credentials to cut it with the high-end Qwerty brigade right now, but if the Morrison can be delivered to a low budget audience it could do well as a PAYG handset for IM and text-addicts.

We have no reason to doubt the authenticity of the picture but unless it’s just the overblown lighting of the shot the handset would seem to be lacking any buttons, other than the central one on the face of the handset.

The Morrison is rumoured to be the fourth Android handset to be launching during 2009 on the T-Mobile USA network; according to the roadmap it should be with us between November and December.

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