Motorola may stop shipping the Xoom


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There are rumours that the Motorola Xoom will stop shipping due to the disappointing sales.

Although Motorola stated Xoom sales were “off to a strong start,” it probably was not exactly what they were expecting, as production of the device is set to decrease rapidly in the coming months according to Digitimes.

A source suggested shipments of the Motorola Xoom will diminish to zero by the end of June.

This probably has to do a lot with the price tag as the majority of people will go for the cheaper model.

Motorola will be releasing a Wi-Fi version soon which has got people speculating that this has been done to compensate for the dismal sales of the Xoom.

However Motorola has already dismissed the report calling it inaccurate as they will continue shipping the Xoom beyond June.

If the company does decrease the shipment numbers this may not be down to the sales alone.

Samsung changed its tablet design to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 as a direct counter to the iPad 2, and so far the response has been very good.

Maybe Motorola is looking to do the same thing.

The manufacturer could keep the name of the Xoom, and then technically shipments wouldn’t stop.

NVIDIA has stated that it expects its quad-core processor to be in a tablet around August, which is in a similar time frame. Will another Motorola tablet appear on the market, with an NVIDIA chipset?

So although Motorola is denying everything, it will be interesting to see what will happen in the next few months.

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