Microsoft to buy Adobe and take the fight to Apple?


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Talk of Microsoft acquiring Adobe Systems has hotted up in recent days following reports that Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, visited chez Adobe late last week for a cosy chat with CEO Shantanu Narayen.

Shares in the Mountain View company rocketed by up to 17% on Thursday, as the Internet lit up with talk that Microsoft were planning a swift purchase, to galvanise them in their fight with Apple for smartphone superiority.

Some analysts have gone as far as to predict that Microsoft may even face competition from Google for the company, which is well known for its Flash multimedia platform.

Apple Chief Exec. Steve Jobs made no bones about his feelings for the software developer, when he singled out Adobe’s Flash as the leading cause of system crashes on Apple systems and web pages.

Jobs’ criticism came when he was called out to defend the omission of Flash support from the new generation of iOS based devices, back in April of this year.


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