Microsoft paid $1 billion to Nokia to secure WP7 adoption


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Nokia and Microsoft have joined forces but little did we know that a reported $1 billion sweetened the deal for Nokia and secured its adoption of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.

The news comes via Bloomberg who sources two people “with knowledge of the terms” that claim somewhere in the region of $1 billion is flowing from Microsoft to Nokia.

As you may know, the Nokia/Microsoft deal isn’t yet finalised. Monies will have to switch hands and there’s the whole Windows Phone 7 licensing deal that Nokia will presumably have to cough up for.

Even more interesting though, according to Engadget, is that the partnership between the two firms has given Microsoft access to Nokia’s rather large patent portfolio for as long as the contract lasts – a reported five years.

There’s still no word on when a Windows Phone 7-powered Nokia handset will see the light of day just yet, but we’re still pretty excited about the whole thing even if a lot of people aren’t.

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