Low Grav Racer Lite released


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CobraMobile has released a lite version of its popular futuristic racer Low Grav Racer for iPhone.

An impressive full 3D game, you use the iPhone’s accelerometer to pilot your hover ship across various otherworldly tracks, racing against and blasting a space age parking lot full of other racers. The lite version gives you two tracks to race along, and lets you get behind the wheel of two different speeds of hover speeder- assuming these things have steering wheels, that is.

Although Low Grav Racer’s been out for around half a year now, few other racers have tried to pinch its Wipeout-apeing crown. As such, Low Grav Racer is still at the top of its game, although upcoming hover racer Phaze from Astraware could change that.

The full version of Low Grav Racer from CobraMobile costs £1.19 and includes 12 tracks to race along.

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