Lost theme for Sony Ericsson W995


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Lost is getting closer to the end of its run, but are we any closer to finding out the mystery of the island? Who knows.

Even if Lost has got you frustrated, you do have to admit that it’s compelling viewing. New characters turning up, old ones rearing their heads again and mist monsters floating about the place never fail to up the tension just as the last minute of the episode finishes.

If you’re forever for a new episode to come onto the screen, why not download this theme of the show for your Sony Ericsson W995. It features a full visual makeover plus a ringtone of the show’s theme and a text message alert snippet too.

To install the Lost theme on your Sony Ericsson W995, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the lost_w995.thm file onto your PC
  2. Transfer the file to your W995 using the bundled cable or Bluetooth
  3. When prompted, click to save
  4. To install, click ‘yes’ when it asks if you want to install the theme

Download the Lost theme for the Sony Ericsson W995


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