Liqua Pop makes its App Store debut


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Liqua Pop, the latest game from iChromo published by EA Mobile, has been released on the App Store.

This droplet-based match-3 puzzle game involves dragging the drops around the screen, collecting others of the same colour so they burst. Take too long to clear them and the screen will overflow.

To make things more challenging, Liqua Pop has seven unlockable bugs. These can either help by changing all the droplets on the screen into one colour or hinder by turning droplets black, making them temporarily impossible to remove.

Scores can be posted onto Facebook, which means you can battle with friends for top-score glory. The integration also means there are all-time leaderboards to guage just where you rank in the (Facebook) world.

Boasting fantastic visuals and near life-like animations, this is every bit the puzzle game as we found out during our Liqua Pop preview. Definitely worth a look.

Liqua Pop is available now for iPhone and iPod Touch for £1.19.

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