Know Your Mobile Awards 2010: We need you


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Who is your favourite manufacturer? Which handset has made the most waves for you? What has been your favourite game?

Let them, and us, know how you feel by filling in our short survey for the Know Your Mobile Awards 2010. Don’t run away just yet, a minute of your time is all it will take.

Why on earth would you fill out a survey, I hear you ask? Well, doing so gives you the chance to win a Samsung Wave, and the winners will receive a shiny Know Your Mobile trophy for their efforts! Not bad for one minutes work, hey.

So please fill out our mini survey to show your support for the manufacturer, handset, developer, mobile game, accessory and network from the past twelve months you think best deserves praise, and if you like, feel free to vent some steam by commenting on your less popular choices while you are there.

The closing date for the survey is November 30, and the results will be announced on December 15, the same date we will let one lucky person know a Samsung Wave is on its way.

Be sure to come back then to see the winners.

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