KillTest gameplay video


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ngmoco has released a new trailer for its upcoming iPhone FPS KillTest, which was previously known as LiveFire. You can watch the video below.

One of the iPhone’s most troubled genres, we’re still waiting for the first killer first-person shooter for the device, but KillTest could well be it. It lets you use your thumbs to mimic the analogue controls of a console’s joypad.

With its fast-paced multiplayer action and minimalist visuals, KillTest is looking something like a cross between Valve hit Portal and the classic online shooter Counterstrike. From the video, it looks to be performing well on iDevices, running at a speed that’ll get the blood pumping.

It’s also said to support the new hardware improvements of the new iPhone 3G S, although we don’t think current generation users will be left out.


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