iPad 2: What’s still missing


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Apple has just announced the iPad 2. Steve Jobs took the stage, to a standing ovation, and talked us through the iPad 2’s new features, and what we can expect from iOS4.3.

But what’s still missing from the iPad 2? Well, quite a few things actually – read on to see which features didn’t make the cut.

microSD support
A lot of blogs, news hounds and leaks suggested that Apple would definitely be including microSD card support on the iPad 2 – something that would bring it well in line with the competition.

Unfortunately, Apple decided to give microSD support a miss this time round, and the iPad 2 has exactly the same storage as last time round – 16, 32 and 64GB.

Retina Display
One of the big rumours surrounding the iPad 2 was that Apple was going to include a Retina Display on it – something that would have put it miles out in front of the competition.

Nonetheless, this was a big ask: powering something like a Retina Display would seriously juice the battery life, so no more 10 hours of use. In reality, with a Retina Display, it’d be more like four – and that’s something users simply would not tolerate.

Still though, it would have been nice to see a Retina Display on the iPad – ah well, maybe next time.

We all thought the iPad 2 would have USB connectivity ­– something Apple took a lot of flack for omitting on the first iPad device. But as you’d expect, Apple has done it again and thrown caution to the wind and decided against it once again with the iPad 2.

That said, there is a HDMI support, which comes via a $39 cable, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

Same storage
There were also some crazy reports – yes, we ran it too – about the iPad 2 having a 128GB SSD on board. Granted, this would have been amazing. But in reality a device with that kind of SSD capabilities would cost a fortune, so it’s a fair trade.

Still though, this is why Apple should have included microSD support. It’s a cost effective way of boasting storage that the user even has to pay for!

Please, Apple – include it on the next iPad, okay?

If you thought Apple would eventually cave on the whole Adobe Flash thing, then you don’t know much about Apple. There is no way, on God’s green Earth, that Apple would ever let Adobe within a million miles of its mobile devices. This is just the way it is. You don’t have to like it. Steve Jobs doesn’t care that you don’t like it. And now you’ve got plenty of choice with Android, which has full Flash support.

We’re sick of arguing about this one. Put simply: if you like Flash get an Android tablet, if you’re not bothered go the iPad 2 route. Simple.

Apple has/is apparently working on a unique NFC technology for use in its mobile devices. Unfortunately there was no word of it tonight, which can only mean one of two things: one, Apple isn’t working on NFC technology, or 2: it’s not quite ready yet.

Our 2 cents? We reckon Apple will announce the NFC shizz alongside the iPhone 5 and it will be made available across its entire fleet of mobile devices.

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