iPad 2 pre-register launches


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Apple’s iPad 2 pre-register has gone live, and it’ll ship by March 25.

Apple’s iPad 2 has only just been launched but demand is mounting at a speedy pace.

Apple has improved its iPad 2 substantially, now including an HDMI port for hooking the device up to your TV, dual cameras with FaceTime support and a faster dual core processor.

There are currently around 65,000 application to download for the iPad, so it’s no surprise the device is the tablet market leader.

Apple sold 15 million iPads when they launched a year ago – not bad for a product no one could really see a use for.

Although UK prices haven’t yet been revealed, the iPad 2 prices will start at $499 for the 16GB model, up to $829 64GB 3G+Wi-Fi version.

Meanwhile, you can get an original iPad for the cut down price of £329 for the cheapest model.

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