iPad 2 jailbroken with Cydia running


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The Apple iPad 2 is selling like hot cakes, over a million have sold so far, but if that doesn’t impress you maybe this will: the iPad 2 has been jailbroken, and only two days after its official release.

The news comes via The Inquirer and confirms that iOS developer and hacker Comex has managed to run Cydia on the iPad 2.

FYI: Cydia, once installed, allows users access to third party app stores where they can download apps that Apple has not yet approved.

Comex confirmed the news, in true 21st Century style, via Twitter – although the hacker declined, as is his custom, to reveal back door used to bypass iOS’s control procedures.

At present there’s no word on when the jailbreak will be available to the public, although judging by the speed with which hackers smashed iOS 4.3 open we don’t expect it to be too long.

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