iPad 2 craziness leads to online shipping delays


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The astronomical level of demand for Apple’s iPad 2 could result in massive shipping delays in the region of three to four weeks for punters that pre-ordered online.

The iPad 2 may not go on sale in the UK until 5pm this evening, but the queues have already formed, filled with eager Apple punters who can’t wait to get their hands on Apple’s latest gadget – one man is even missing his daughters 12th birthday.

But queuing, unfortunately, is the only real chance that UK punters have at getting an iPad 2 on its official release date.

According to The Register, Apple’s sign-up to ship-out delay ‘has now been extended to between three and four weeks’.

Previously Apple had promised that customers who order online would receive their shiny new iPad 2 devices in two to three weeks.

Then all the this crazy, but ultimately predictable, demand started – Apple should have really of seen this coming. Maybe it did and this is all part of Apple’s esoteric marketing. Who knows.

Nevertheless, UK stores are said to be well stocked so UK punters, well, those who get in early, should be certain to get an iPad 2 today.

Or, they could just wait a couple of weeks and pop in and by one once all the commotion has died down – personally, that’s what we’d do (Ed: Top tip – buy it in Somerset).

If you’re reading this is the queue outside some Apple store, why not check out our review of the iPad 2 while you wait by clicking here.

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