iOS 4.1 flaw allows users to bypass device lock


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A flaw has been uncovered in iOS 4.1 which could allow unauthorised access to iPhones, circumventing the passcode lock.

The flaw, which was discovered by users over at 9to5mac.com, is activated by a few simple screen presses and requires no technical knowledge to exploit.

This isn’t the first flaw to be uncovered in Apple’s newest mobile firmware.

Back in August an exploit being used to easily jailbreak devices was found to have the potential for malevolent use, and was quickly patched by the company.

Security has always been a key tenet for Apple but it seems the company has succumbed to the dreaded problem of popularity, making it worthwhile for hackers to seek out and perfect methods of gaining access to personal information. A problem Windows users have endured for many years.

The speed, growth and demand associated with the smartphone market makes it virtually impossible to ship watertight devices and instead puts the onus on developers to patch flaws as they arise to ensure their customers security.

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