Instagram Now Testing A Bunch of New Features (Including Repost)


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Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, in case you didn’t know, is now in the process of testing out a bunch of new features.

Instagram launched Story last year, in a bid to counter the threat posed by Snapchat, and adoption of this new feature has gone very well indeed.

We’re now approaching the close of 2017, however, and Instagram, keen to continue its momentum, is working on a raft of new features that it hopes will make the app even more useful.

The most interesting, however, is a new repost feature, which will effectively make apps like Regram obsolete. How this will work is simple: there will be a repost button underneath the options of every post, next to comments and like, and this will allow other Insta users to share your content.

There will also be a gif search feature, the ability to achieve Story posts, an option to follow certain hashtags, and native Story sharing to WhatsApp.

Instagram is also testing a new feature called Close Friends (formally Favourites) which will let you share content with a select few friends within the application.

In order to have a play around with these features, you’ll have to download the Instagram beta app for Android or iOS. Also, there is no guarantee any or all of these features will make it through to the app-proper.

A couple seems very likely though; namely the repost option and the ability to share Story posts to WhatsApp. The latter is a straightforward enough addition that adds more functionality to an already extremely popular aspect of the application.

Similarly, the repost option is, again, a simple addition that would add a lot of potential value for Instagram users – notably businesses and brands looking for more exposure.

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