Infinity Blade ‘Deathless Kings’ update released


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The graphical titan that is Infinity Blade has been given a sizeable update, called the Deathless Kings.

Not only that, the hack-‘n-slash RPG adventure had a nice price drop, which will last until March 6 – a Sunday, if interested.

In Deathless Kings you have the task of finding out the God King’s darkest secret. As to what that may be, we have no idea. Maybe he’s embarassed to tell people he still has to leave the landing light on?

To find out whether we are right will involve slicing your way through six new arenas and ten new enemies. Luckily there are new items to get your mitts on, including over 30 magic rings, shields, swords and more.

Finally, NewGame+ removes the level 30 cap and you can remaster any item you choose. Throw in some new Game Center achievements and you have a great deal of new content for gratuit.

Infinity Blade is currently £1.79 on the App Store.

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