HUGE Leak Reveals Galaxy Note 7 “Iris Scanner” and Specs


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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will launch on August 2. Like ALL handsets this year, the Galaxy Note 7 has leaked A LOT in recent months and we know have a pretty comprehensive idea about what the handset will look and be like.

One of the Galaxy Note 7’s new features is said to be a built-in Iris Scanner, whereby the use can unlock the phone simply by looking at the device’s front-mounted iris scanner. Now, this does sound quite a lot like a gimmick — and Samsung does have a latent penchant for gimmicks.

Having said that, we could be wrong. This could be a useful feature, so while we’re not 100% convinced by the concept just yet we’ll reserve final judgement until we’ve tested it out properly. At it stands right now, I’m just not convinced this type of unlocking would be quicker than, say, using your fingerprint.

Below is a leaked video of the Galaxy Note 7’s Iris Scanner in action:

Now, I admit, it looks pretty damn quick. And if it is that quick in practice, every time, then Samsung could definitely be on to something here. I just have a natural aversion to stuff like this which seems futuristic and gimmicky. I remember Android’s face unlock feature and how bad that was, for instance, as I’m sure you do!

How the Iris Scanner will work is explained below in the leaked screen grab. Adding it is simple enough: you do it just as you would the fingerprint scanner. The leaked screen grab also outlines some of the technologies limitations as well, indicating the Iris Scanner has the potential to be a little bit squiffy in operation.


“Other screenshots show the S Pen Air Command menu,” notes Android Authority, “including familiar options like Screen Write, S Note, Smart Select and Action Memo, but there’s also a new option: Glance. You can also record sections of the screen and create GIFs on the fly.”


Beyond this the Galaxy Note 7 is shaping up to be something of a monster with killer specs and hardware across the board. Check ‘em out below:

Galaxy Note 7 Specs

  • 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display
  • 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM
  • 64GB+ of storage
  • microSDXC support up to 2TB
  • 12-megapixel Dual Pixel rear camera
  • 5-megapixel front-facing camera
  • IP68 dust and water resistance
  • Exynos 8893 processor or Snapdragon 821 processor (depending on region)
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Iris scanner

As release’s go for 2016, the Galaxy Note 7 is one I am REALLY looking forward to — even more so after last year’s bungle with the Galaxy S6 EDGE+.

I’m liking pretty much everything Samsung does at present and I expect the Galaxy Note 7 will be even more impressive than its current Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 EDGE models. It will have a better CPU, an improved camera, support for 2TB of storage via its SD-slot and water and dust proofing.

Very exciting stuff, indeed!

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