HP confirm webOS phones for 2011


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HP has gone full circle on its “nah, we don’t want to make smartphones” line and is finally putting Palm’s webOS to good use and is poised to release webOS-based smartphones in 2011.

HP, in case you didn’t know, acquired Palm earlier this year but said that it wasn’t interested in making smartphones per se – see our original story here.

HP has now had a change of heart, though. And this means that we will definitely be getting some HP webOS-styled smartphone action in the coming year.

Reuters has Senior Vice President of HP, Eric Cador, quoted as saying:

“You will see us coming early next year with new phones.”

All in all, this is pretty exciting news. We loved Palm’s webOS when we tested it on the Palm Pre and always thought it was a shame that it didn’t realise its true potential before Palm went under.

Looks like it’s got a second chance now – so long as HP don’t muck it up!

Via: Reuters

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