How To Watch Super Bowl 50 Online — AND From The UK


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It’s that time of year where football fans the world over wait for. No, the World Cup hasn’t come early. I’m not talking about proper *football* football. I’m talking about American football: pigskin and shoulder pads and helmets. Yes, that’s right, it’s Super Bowl time again. And this year just isn’t any regular Super Bowl—it’s the 50th Super Bowl game. The golden anniversary game will take place on Sunday, February 7th at 3:25PM local time in the Santa Clara, California at Levi’s Stadium. For those of us in the UK, the game starts at 11:25PM GMT.

The Super Bowl is a HUGE deal and the last five games have been the most watched telecasts in US television history. Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014 had an average audience of 112.2 million viewers, which kind of puts things into perspective, even more so when you consider the Oscars only drew 43.7 million. This is why brands pay hundreds of millions for ad sports during, before and just after the game. 

The 50th Super Bowl is expected to garner crowds of over 100 million viewers across the world, but the thing about it is where and how you can watch the game is very restricted. The NFL and America’s FAA are even going so far as to say they will shoot down any drones that try to fly over the game to record or stream unauthorized video.

Yeah, these guys aren’t messing around.


The good news is that you don’t need to be in America to watch the game. In the UK the BBC will be broadcasting Super Bowl 50 live on BBC Sports.  There’s also a pay option available on Sky Sports for their subscribers. In Canada CTV will broadcast the game live. In Australia you’ll be able to watch a live broadcast of the game on Seven Network. And in Spain, Canal+ will likely broadcast the game live. Other European countries will likely be broadcasting the game in some locals. 

But hey, this is 2016. Who watches broadcast TV anymore? Why be chained to the couch when you can stream the game to your smartphone or tablet?

For people inside the US, they’ll be able to watch the game streamed live on and via the CBS Sports Channel tablet app. You can also stream the game live on the CBS Sports Channel app for Roku, Apple TV, XBOX One, Windows 10, and Chromecast. However, if you want to stream the game live in the US on a smartphone, you’ll need to be a paying subscriber to Verizon (I know: ridiculous).

But what if you’re outside the US and want to stream it? Thankfully, there are workarounds to doing this so you can watch the game on any device you want from any country you want. The good folks at SlickVPN have put together a handy guide on how to do just that.

Before we tell you how, do keep in mind that streaming a game as long as the Super Bowl will eat a lot of your bandwidth, so make sure you aren’t on a cellular connection unless you want a huge bill. Now, here’s how they say to do it:

How To Stream Super Bowl From Outside The US

  1. First of all, you’re going to need a good VPN service. This will enable you to get a U.S. based IP address which can bypass the restrictions put in place by the NFL.
  2. You can watch through a US proxy, but again the actual speed and quality depends on the number of users. With an event like the Super Bowl you’ll almost certainly have lags and long buffering time.
  3. The VPN’s U.S. IP will allow you to go to one of the official sites like  or
  4. The official Super Bowl stream also includes DVR-like amenities like pause, replay, and even different camera angles from which to watch the action.
  5. Your VPN service should work with PC, Mac, and Linux computers. It should also work with tablets and your mobile devices.

SlickVPN has also put goethe a pretty interesting infographic with stats and tips about watching Super Bowl 50. You can check it out below.

How to stream the Super Bowl online
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