How to use maps on your Orange San Francisco


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Having Maps and a 3G connection on your phone is an absolute blessing. Not only does it mean that you’ll never get lost again, but it also helps you to find places of interest near-by as well, such as shops, bars, restaurants and cafes.

Using maps on your Orange San Francisco is extremely simple. However, if you’re device (for some reason) doesn’t have Google Maps pre-loaded on it, simply go over to the Android Market and download it – don’t worry it’s free!

Once you’ve got it downloaded, follow these steps:

Open Google Maps.

Wait for it to establish a connection.

  • To get your location, go into Menu and select ‘My Location’ – a blue dot should appear on the map. That’s you!
  • To get directions to somewhere, go to options, select ‘Get Directions’
  • Select your ‘Start Point’ – either you GPS postion, or an address.
  • Then, select an ‘End Point’
  • Select the method of travel you’re using: Car, Public Transport or Walking
  • Click ‘Get Directions’
  • After a short pause your Directions will be displayed, select the ‘Show on Map’ option to see it plotted out on a Map.

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