How to use Maps on the Dell Venue Pro


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All Windows Phone 7 devices come with Maps preinstalled.

Here we show you how to use Maps on your Dell Venue Pro.

How to find a place your current location on the Dell Venue Pro

  1. From the Start screen, flick left to the App list, then tap the Maps tile
  2. Select the Me icon
  3. Your location will now be displayed on the map

How to move around Maps on the Dell Venue Pro

  1. From the Start screen, flick left to the Apps list then tap Maps
  2. To move around the Maps, just flick your finger around the screen
  3. To zoom in, pinch your fingers together and to zoom out, spread your two fingers apart on the screen
  4. Double tap on the screen to center and zoom in on a spot

Add a favorite location to Maps

You can add a push pin to Maps if you want to remember a place, whether it’s where you live, where you work or a favorite restaurant.

  1. When you’re in Maps, find the location and tap and hold where you want to mark the map
  2. To move a pin, tap and hold, and then drag it to a different spot
  3. To see all the pushpins as a list, tap More More icon > Results list
  4. To remove pins from the map, tap More More icon > Clear map
  5. Pin a map location to Start for quicker access. Just tap a pushpin, and then tap Pin

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