How to set-up the iPad 2’s Photos app and sync with iPhoto


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We show how to set up the iPad 2’s Photos App and use it in conjunction with your Mac PC’s iPhoto application.

Please note: You need to have both an iPad 2 and an Mac PC to do this.

The benefit of doing this is that your photos will sync between your two Apple devices, so you’ll have access to your images where ever you are.

To import photos from iPhoto, just choose to have iTunes import all your photos using iPhoto from the options on the Photos tab in iTunes.

Sync to apply the changes.

Now you’ll have access to the following:

Your photos here are organized into stacks according to when they were imported into iTunes. Just like when viewing your photo albums in the Photos app, you can reverse-pinch a little to peek inside. Then reverse-pinch more to open the stack up.

Here, you can arrange your photos according to the tagged people in each image. Again, the iPad 2 will organize these into stacks — just open by reverse-pinching.

You can view your photos according to where they were taken, too. A map will appear. Just tap on the pin to view all the photos taken in a particular location.

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