How to set up speech-to-text on your Orange San Francisco


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Sometimes typing is a bit of a pain. Thankfully, the good people at Google have come up with an alternative in the form of text-to-speech. What text-to-speech does is allow you to dictate your emails, messages and web searches instead of typing them.

To set-up text-to-speech follow these steps:

  • On the homescreen, press the Menu hardware key
  • This should take you to the Menu, now select Settings
  • Scroll down to the text-to-speech section and select it
  • Click “install voice data”
  • Once you’ve select this, you’ll be taken to a Set up wizard-type thing.
  • Move through the steps by clicking ‘Next’ – please note: you’ll need to have a Google Account for this
  • Once you’ve signed-in and it’s installed the voice data click Accept when you come to Android market Terms and Conditions
  • You should now be taken straight to the application. Click on it to download
  • Open the App
  • Done – you know have speech-to-text capabilities

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