How to set up Navi wheel control on the Nokia N81 8GB


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The music player on the Nokia N81 8GB is undoubtedly one of its key attractions. With 8GB of storage onboard, you can load up the phone with up to 6,000 tracks (depending on the file format and quality they’re saved as).

That means loads of music to find your way through. The standard out-of-the-box set-up for the music player uses the main navigation pad – the Navi scroll key (Figure 1) – to click up or down the list of tracks and music player options. However, you can speed up searching considerably by switching the Navi scroll key into a Navi wheel, simply by altering some phone settings.

The Navi wheel acts effectively as a touch sensitive control wheel, similar to an iPod’s click wheel; as you slide your finger around the silver edge of the navigation pad, clockwise or anticlockwise, you can speed-scroll through the list of tracks. The Navi wheel can also be used to spin through images and videos stored in the phone’s gallery and to quickly rotate and navigate through the multimedia menu.

Setting up the Navi wheel function

  • Press the Menu key (Figure 2).
  • In the main menu, scroll to highlight the Tools icon (Figure 3) and press the central navigation pad to select.
  • In the Tools menu, choose Settings and select (Figure 4).
  • Choose General and press select (Figure 5).
  • Scroll down to highlight Navi wheel and select (Figure 6).
  • Press the Options softkey, highlight Change and press select (Figure 7).

The Navi wheel has now been turned on (Figure 8). To return to the phone’s standby page, press the red End key on the right side of the phone.

You will now be able to whizz through track listings with the Navi wheel (Figure 9).

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