How to set-up and use iBooks on the iPad 2


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If you’ve got the iPad 2 and you’re not using iBooks, you need to remedy this and get some books on your iPad. Not only is the iBooks app beautifully laid out, but the collection of books is constantly increasing.

There’s also hundreds of free books on there as well, so you can catch up on the Classics – the majority of which are free.

Here’s how you get iBooks up and running on your iPad 2:

How to use iBooks on the iPad 2

  • Open up iBooks to view the app’s main virtual bookshelf
  • Tap a book to start reading it. It’ll open up to fill the screen
  • Swipe or tap on a blank area of a page to turn the page
  • To view two pages, just turn the iPad 2 to landscape mode
  • Select the A icon to change the font or font size
  • To see what a word means, you can press and hold to look it up, as you would with copying and pasting in other iPad 2 apps
  • You can search for a word in the book by pressing the search icon on the top right hand side of the page. Type in a word and the whole book will be searched. You can also look the word up on the internet
  • The table of contents allows you to jump to a particular chapter. Access it by tapping on the contents button (second icon along the top of the page)
  • Although the iPad 2 automatically adjusts the brightness according to how light or dark it is, you can change the screen brightness by tapping on the icon next the the font menu at the top of the screen

How to use the iBooks Store

  • The iBooks store is accessed by tapping the Store icon from the virtual bookshelf
  • Books are listed by Featured titles, New York Times best sellers, most popular paid for books and free books
  • Select a book to view cover art, a description and ratings from readers
  • To buy a book, tap to download and it’ll download to your virtual bookshelf

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