How To PROPERLY Delete A POF Account (Simple Method)


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Decided it’s time to close your Plenty Of Fish account? We’re here to help.

As the title of the online dating service suggests, there are indeed plenty of fish in the sea, and indeed, there are plenty of dating services to choose from too.

It’s not unusual for people to use more than one at once before settling on a preferred platform.

There are many reasons why you might quit a dating platform. Perhaps you have met your match and it’s time to close the dating chapter of your life. Or perhaps you’ve simply had enough of the online dating scene and prefer the old-school method of meeting people out there in the world.

  • Fortunately, closing a POF account is quite easy. You have to do it in your web browser by logging in to the site.
  • Then, either head to the site’s HELP page and click “Delete Account”, or follow this link to get there quicker.
  • Once that’s done you’ll need to fill in a quick survey to explain why you’re leaving.
  • As with deleting other account-based services, it can take a little time for the deletion to be completed. Once it is done, however, you can’t reactivate your old account.
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