How to get the coma key back on your Nexus S’s virtual keyboard


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The Nexus S is a great device. It’s got everything you could ever want from an Android device – the latest iteration of the OS, sleek design, awesome display etc etc.

That said, there is one problem with the Nexus S – there’s no coma on its virtual keyboard.

Fear not though, this is easily remedied. To get the coma key back, follow these steps:

  • Go into Settings and select Language and Keyboard
  • Tap Android Keyboard.
  • You should see a dropdown menu labelled Voice input.
  • Click it and remove the voice search icon.

This will bring back your beloved coma, so now you can do all the dramatic pauses you want.

Drama over.

From here you can select whether the voice search icon is on the front screen, the symbol menu or delete it altogether – and more importantly, the comma is back where it belongs.

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