How to customise shortcuts on the Nokia N95 8GB


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When the Nokia N95 8GB is in standby mode, near the top of display there are a row of small icons that provide fast shortcuts to seven features or applications (Figure 1).

These form part of what Nokia calls its Active Standby display – a way of presenting the numerous features, functions and applications of this Symbian S60 smartphone in an easily accessible way. It comprises the row of shortcut icons plus further lines of application information, including calendar events, music player track playing, search and WLAN scanning status.

The default Active Standby can be switched off so you get a plainer, less busy standby screen (Figure 2), but the Active Standby should make it easier for you to operate the key functions of the N95 8GB.

The icons, arranged in a row just below the clock, are pre-set by Nokia, and will cover functions such as contacts, new text message, web, clock, profiles, Bluetooth and camera. By using the navigation scroll key you can select the required icon, and with a click of the central button select the function. It is immediately opened.

But there are many other standby screen shortcuts to other features and internet sites you can use instead of the default ones Nokia chooses – currently there are around 70 separate functions you can assign to each of the seven icons, plus in addition you can also replace the icons with quick links to your favourite bookmarked or Nokia pre-loaded internet sites.

The numerous options you can assign to the shortcut icons reflect the functionality you get with the Nokia N95. They can range from music player, games, RealPlayer or Bluetooth wireless keyboard to applications manager, modem activation, SIM services or Push to Talk. You can get fast access to a huge variety of functions and applications – including ones you’ve added to the N95 8GB yourself.

It’s easy to change these standby shortcuts too, so you can modify the N95 8GB to work the way that’s best for you. Here’s how…

Changing shortcut icons on the Active Standby screen

Press the Menu key (Figure 3) to access the main menu.

Scroll to highlight Tools (Figure 4). Press the central scroll key to select.

Scroll to highlight Settings (Figure 5). Press select.

Choose General (Figure 6). Press select.

Choose Personalisation (Figure 7). Press select.

Scroll down to highlight Standby mode (Figure 8). Press select.

Scroll down to highlight Active standby apps. (Figure 9). Press select.

You are now presented with a list of seven Shortcut options, representing each of the shortcut icons on the Active Standby display (Figure 10). A box next to the shortcut indicates which function or application it currently represents.

They are listed Shortcut 1 to Shortcut 7, with Shortcut 1 the icon on the left of the active standby display, and the others running from left to right across, with Shortcut 7 the icon on the far right of the display.

Scroll down to highlight the Shortcut you want to change (in this example, we’ll change the Shortcut 7 Camera icon, but the procedure is the same for each Shortcut) (Figure 11). Press select.

A list of options appears onscreen – although you get a view of only six at a time (Figure 12). Scroll through the list until you find the shortcut you want to add to replace the existing icon.

In this example, we’re selecting the Maps application for GPS satellite navigation, although it could be any one of dozens listed.

Highlight the application required and press the OK softkey option (Figure 13).

You are taken back to the Active Standby apps. menu. The box next to the modified Shortcut option has a new application name – Maps (Figure 14).

To change more of the shortcut icons, select another Shortcut options and repeat the process above.

If you have finished making changes, press the red Call End key to return to the standby screen.

On the standby screen, the icons listed have now changed. In our example, the Camera icon (far right in Figure 1) has been replaced by the Maps icon (Figure 15).

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