How to create and store new Sat Nav routes with the Nokia 6110


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The Nokia 6110 Navigator is well-featured Symbian-powered smartphone that has a built in GPS receiver for onboard satellite navigation. It comes with satellite navigation software from Route 66, enabling location finding plus sophisticated route planning and navigation functionality.

Nokia 6110 Navigator owners can use the extensive search options within the phone’s Sat Nav software to look up addresses, search for specific places or points of interest, and browse through numerous categories for locations of businesses, amenities and services.

The Sat Nav software onboard the Nokia 6110 Navigator provides detailed step-by-step instructions to direct you to selected locations, both onscreen and with voice guidance.

You can look up directions from where you are to a new location quickly and easily (see our article Looking up directions with the Nokia 6110 Navigator).

You can also use the Nokia 6110 Navigator to plan and store trips. Once saved, these can be used whenever needed.

Creating and storing new routes
Activate the Nokia 6110 Navigator’s satellite navigation application by pressing the Navigator key (marked with a compass icon) that’s immediately below the main control pad (Figure 1).

The Sat Nav application will now use signals from GPS satellites to calculate your exact position. This could take from under a minute to several minutes, depending on your location. Once your location has been established it will be displayed on a map on the phone’s display (Figure 2).

Press Options, scroll down to Trips and press select (Figure 3). Click on Plan new route (Figure 4). You are presented with a default name – Navigator(00) in this example (Figure 5) – which you can change. Type in the name you want to give this route; be specific, as it could save you time later if you store several routes (Figure 6). Press Save.

You must now define the Departure and Destination points for this route (Figure 7). Press Options, choose Set departure and press select (Figure 8).

You are presented with a list of categories from which you can search for your departure location. These include: Free text (a text search across all categories), Address (search by address or postcode), Nearby (numerous sub categories containing local points of interest and amenities), History (historical locations for tourists), My landmarks (your own bookmarked locations)or Contacts (addresses stored in your 6110’s contacts list) (Figure 9).

In our example, we’re using the Free text option to search across all categories. Click on Free text. Enter a string of text that describes your departure point – it could be part of an address or postcode, or a partial description of the location (Figure 10). Click select.

From the list of options presented, highlight your departure location and press select (Figure 11). It will be inserted as your Departure point (Figure 12).

Press Options and highlight Set destination (Figure 13). Press select.

Choose Free text (or choose another search category from the list if it’s more appropriate). Press select (Figure 14).

Type in the name, postcode or other details of your intended destination and select (Figure 15). From the list presented, highlight your intended destination (Figure 16). Press Options, choose Set as destination and press select (Figure 17). Your destination will be added to your route (Figure 18). The route has now been stored.

Press Options to see the list of what you can now do with this route (Figure 19).

You can now start navigation straight away, by highlighting and clicking on Start navigation (Figure 20). If you’re not currently at the stored departure point, the Sat Nav system will present you with the option Select first visit. Highlight your stored departure or destination and press select (Figure 21). The route from your current location to your stored departure/destination point will now be calculated, and navigation instructions displayed onscreen (Figure 22).

Turn on the phone’s speaker by pressing the volume key on the side of the phone, and you will get voice navigation instructions too.

You don’t have to start navigating straight away. From the previous menu options list (Figure 19), you can choose to view a map of the route directions by highlighting Show route and pressing select (Figure 23). A map of the entire route is shown onscreen (Figure 24). Various other options are also available.

To go back to the first screen showing your current location, press the Back option on each menu until you return.

Looking up stored routes
Once you’ve stored routes, it’s easy to select them to use again. When the Sat Nav application is activated, from the initial screen showing your current location (Figure 2) press Options. Scroll down to highlight Trips and press select (Figure 25). You are now presented with a list of your stored routes (Figure 26). In this case there’s just the one we created above, but once you’ve stored several routes it will be a scroll down list.

Highlight the route you want to use, select Options, highlight Open and press select (Figure 27). You are now presented with your route Departure and Destination details, as before (Figure 18).

As before, press Options and highlight the option your require such as Start Navigation or Show route (Figure 19). From here, follow the instructions above to start navigation or to show the route.

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