How to change themes on the Nokia N81 8GB


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You can change the look and feel of your Nokia N81 8GB’s display by changing its theme, either using one pre-loaded into the N81 8GB or by downloading a new one.

Installing a new theme can change the look of the display in standby mode, the background wallpaper for the menu system and the phone’s screensaver.

Your new theme could simply bring a fresh colour scheme or design change to your phone’s display, or you could choose a theme that includes images of your favourite movie star, football club or TV show. It’s up to you, as there are numerous different theme downloads available to suit your tastes. You can find plenty of websites on the internet offering downloads, and while some charge, others can be downloaded to your PC for free simply at the click of a mouse.

Once you’ve downloaded new themes from the internet you can copy them easily onto your N81 8GB via Bluetooth, or using your phone’s supplied USB cable.

Once you have copied a new theme to the phone, you will be required to save them and apply them via your Themes menu, but this is a straightforward procedure.

To see the themes available on your phone and to choose a new one, press the Nokia Menu key, situated to the bottom left of the closed phone (Figure 1) to take you into the main Menu.

In the main menu highlight Tools and press the central select key on the navigation pad (Figure 2).
In the Tools menu, highlight Settings and press to select (Figure 3).
In the Settings menu, choose General and press the select key (Figure 4).

Choose Personalisation and press select (Figure 5).

Scroll down to highlight Themes and press select (Figure 6).

Choose General and press select (Figure 7).

You will now see a list of the themes available on your phone, including the one you’re currently using (Figure 8).

You can preview the themes available on the phone before changing your existing theme, or if you already know which one you want to set, you can choose to set the new theme quickly without previewing it.

Setting the theme
If you already know which theme you want to install, simply scroll down to the name of the theme and click to select (Figure 9).

When selected, the new theme will be installed on your N81 8GB in a second or two. A message will pop up informing you that the selected theme has been installed (Figure 10), and you will be able to see straight away that the background to your menus has changed (Figure 11).

Preview first
If, however, you want preview the theme first, in the Themes menu scroll down to the name of the theme you want to preview. Then press the key beneath Options (bottom left of the display).

Highlight Preview (Figure 12) and press select. The theme will be displayed oscreen (Figure 13). You then have the options to press Set to set the theme or Back to return to the Themes menu.

Also, You can quickly change the theme back to the original by following the same procedure, as all your themes will be stored on your phone for you to choose whenever the mood for a change takes you.

To get back to the original standby display at any time, simply press the red End key to the right of the navigation pad.

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