How Much Money Does Pokemon Go Make A Day?


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If you can create a killer application or game like Pokemon Go or Candy Crush Saga you can make a lot of money. Even smaller, less well known but equally big titles like Slitherio generate BIG BUCKS for their creators.

But how much is BIG BUCKS?

Simple: hundreds of thousands of dollars a day; millions of dollars a week; and, potentially, billions of dollars a year.

Used by millions, these games are creating millionaires over night and adding billions to the bottomline of world renowned brands like Nintendo, which netted a cool £6 billion during the first month Pokemon Go went live.

The App Institute has published a site which is essentially a live infographic of all the most popular apps as of right now. This site tracks downloads and, importantly, how much money they make EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY.

I sat on the site for 10 seconds and watched Pokemon Go make more than most people make in a year. Stay for 10 minutes and you’re talking numbers most people won’t achieve in a lifetime of working!

According to AppInstitute, users are spending up to 10 times longer playing Pokemon Go than they are using Facebook.

Unlucky, Zuck!

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