Gameloft to take on World of Warcraft


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Gameloft has announced its next game, Order & Chaos Online, is a massively multiplayer online experience, similiar to that of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft.

Yes, Gameloft is taking on the big-guns of the MMO world. Actually, it isn’t, as there isn’t an MMORPG on the iOS platform so the company is once again taking inspiration and filling in the gap on iOS.

Though details are thin on the ground, it’s pretty obvious where Order & Chaos Online is going. It’s very likely you will create a hero and then take them out into a fantasy world filled with wonderous quests, shiny treasure, dangerous weapons, armour and players from around the world.

Judging by the artwork above, there will also be a ‘passing resemblance’ to the races of WoW. Night Elf, Orc, Human Undead all seem accounted for.

The bit we don’t know is just how big the game world will be, and whether it will be on seperate servers in World of Warcraft style or one big one like with Eve Online. Well, two if you count the more recent Chinese server.

It’s also impossible to say what the payment model will be like. Recently Gameloft adopted an in-app purchase style, but then swapped back for one of its releases, and none of its previous games have been of this nature.

MMOs are usually funded by monthly subscriptions – will Order & Chaos Online take this approach, remain free with in-game items costing money or just cost a one off payment to download the app?

Whatever the answer, we can’t help but feel Gameloft is onto a winner with this one. It’s all too easy to sink money and time by the bucketload into games of this type and on mobile there really is no escape…

Watch this space and head on over to Gameloft’s Facebook page to help more details emerge.

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