Game of the Month: Tiny Wings


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It may well be March, but we’ve yet to celebrate our February Game of the Month. Well – until now, that is.

Tiny Wings, the work of Andreas Illiger, is what every iPhone game should be. It’s wonderously simple to control, easy on the eye and a mild score-based incentive keeps you springing back for more.

Tiny Wings involves fulfilling the dream of a charming avian hero. Unfortunately, his dream of taking to the skies is thwarted by his appendages unsuitable for flight.

That’s where you step in. Pressing the screen sends the creature into a nose-dive, which when timed well, causes him to gain more speed and flight time from the game’s numerous hills. Of course, time his descent badly and you lose momentum.

When night falls the game ends, as the little bird drops to sleep. Thus, the challenge is to travel as far as you can, with a high-score your reward.

In our review we said, “Some people will be left wondering what the fuss is all about, but everyone else will be swooping up and down in the wonderful pastel-coloured islands, without a care in the world, for many weeks to come.”

Definitely worth the 59p.

Our full Tiny Wings review.

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