Forget iOS4.3, Apple’s iOS 5 is on the way


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iOS4.3 may have only just landed but that hasn’t stopped news of a potential April announcement for iOS 5 being on the cards.

This time the news comes from a German Apple-blog, Macerkopf, who claims that a “trusted source” has spilled the beans on an early April launch for Apple’s iOS5.

We’re reserving judgement on this one though. Rumours, as we all know, are just that: rumours.

Then there’s the fact that Apple doesn’t comment on ‘rumours’ either, so there’s no actual way to qualify the claims made by the Macerkopf’s ‘trusted source’.

Either way, when Apple does eventually get round to announcing iOS 5, which we expect to be around April time anyway, expect some big changes.

Notifications will no doubt be high on the agenda, as well as some much needed UI modifications too.

Apple desparately needs to open up its iOS UI a little more and give users more customisation options, like you have on Android.

Nevertheless, as April nears expect to hear lots more about iOS 5 from ‘trusted sources’ ahead its official unveiling.

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