Fast & Furious goes on sale


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To complement yesterday’s release of the free version of Fast & Furious The Game, the paid-for version has gone on sale. It’s now available for £2.39.

It’s an arcade-style racer drawn in impressive 3D strokes. Rather than opting for pure racing action Fast & Furious has a story wrapped around its four-wheeled skeleton. It was also among the first wave of games to make full use of YouTube in its social gaming elements. You can upload your video replays to the site, allowing you to show off to your friends, if you’re that way inclined.

It also enriches its gameplay by offering seven different types of race mode. Other than just racing against opponents, there are drift and drag races, as well as tunnel run races where you have to make lightning fast decisions about which route to take.

Based on the mobile game, which we rated highly, Fast & Furious The Game is one of the better race games available on iPhone. Why not check out the free version of the game before stumping up your cash.

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